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China LNG Shipping (Holding) Limited (CLNG), which was jointly established by China Merchants Group and COSCO, is the first China based LNG shipping company. Every LNG carriers is committed to 25 years fixed return chartering contract.


CLNG has established essential business sectors, namely, investment in LNG shipping related businesses; exploitation and preparation of LNG shipping arrangement for LNG projects; investment in LNG vessels; consultation services in LNG shipping arrangement, financing and technology as well as shipbuilding supervision.


CLSICO as a specialized ship management company is engaging in crew training, manning, technical maintenance and ship operation for LNG vessels, and aiming at providing safe, efficient and cost effective LNG ship management services consistent with maintaining first class LNG shipping standards to Shipowners and Charterers .

CLNG and CNOOC hold 60% and 40% of CLSICO shares respectively.

Before Aug. 2013,CLSICO was co-invested and managed by CLNG and BP, inherited rich management experience of LNG carrier from BP.


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