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CMES 2015 the Outlook of Marine Bunkers Market Seminar
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Hong Kong, 17 April, 2015

A seminar on the Outlook of Marine Bunkers Market was held by CMES in Hong Kong office. The seminar had received enthusiastic responses from 13 leading bunker traders and suppliers, which includes BP, Chevron, World Fuel Service, SINOPEC, UNIPEC, CHEMOIL, CHIMBUSCO, SPC ect. More than 30 representatives from Singapore, Hong Kong and China have attended the seminar. Director and President of CMES, Capt. Xie Chunlin together with his management team, Mr. Zhang Baoliang, Mr. Zhao Yaoming and Mr. Herbert Xu, and CMES bunkers procurement team hosted the event.


After delivering his warm welcome, Capt. Xie Chunlin introduced the company history and fleet developing strategies of CMES that would become a world top shipowner of crude oil tankers and bulk carriers in terms of both tonnage and globalised trading networks. A signification increase in bunker procurement in 2015 and the following years was forecasted.  Capt. Xie emphasized the importance of bunkers procurement and supplying operations, and also expressed his anticipations of a further in-depth collaboration with bunkers suppliers.


Mr. Herbert Xu, Vice President of CMES, further presented CMES bunkers procurement prospects in the coming few years. According to his forecasting, bunkers demand for the whole fleet will be possibly increased over 100,000MT in 2017, which is the double of that in 2015.  Most of the bunkers suppliers were impressed by the rapid growth of the fleet and large procurement amounts.


The seminar was divided into an initial part of meeting with BP regarding to the specialized Bunkers Forward Hedging Tools in the morning, and a second part of industrial insiders’ speeches and extended discussions. Industrial presentations were given by invited guests from BP, World Fuel Service, SINOPEC, Peninsular Shanghai in below topics respectively.

1.Outlook of Marine Bunkers Market & Forward Hedging Tools in Marine Bunkers Market
2.Singapore Market Briefing & Outlook; Low Sulphur Fuel Regulation & Influences
3.China Market Briefing & Outlook
4.Middle East and Other Regions Markets Briefing


The seminar had further gone through an open discussion regarding market views, bunkers quality control and bunkering operation efficiency. Most of the bunkers suppliers expressed highly of the seminar which CMES had fostered an effective communication and cooperation channel between marine bunkers suppliers and the shipowner.
(Written by: Evelyn Gao, Shipping Dept., AMCL)








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