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CMG Executive Vice President Wang Hong conducts research on the innovative project “intelligent shipping” of CMES
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Executive Vice President of CMG, Wang Hong, initiated research on the innovative project “intelligent vessels and shipping” on 10th February. The CMES president, Xie Chunlin, was in charge of reporting on this research, while the General Manager of the IT department, Ding Jun, managed the report on the project.

Since September 2015 CMES has been in cooperation with China State Shipbuilding Corporation to initiate “Intelligent Shipbuilding” innovative research and “Intelligent Shipping,” exceeding industry counterparts. A vast amount of research and experiments in intelligent operation have been performed on the fleets of CMES, which is regarded as leading research into frontier shipping in China.

Background information:

In September 2015 CMES joined hands with CSSC to take the lead in testing an intelligent operations system on CMES's two commercial ships, and great achievement was recorded. In 2016 CMES and CSSC formed a project group and successfully passed application defence on MIIT's special project on intelligent vessels 1.0. This means that 4 new VLCC/VLOC vessels provided by CMES, the sole participating ship owner, will be used in the country's special demonstration project.


“Made in China 2025” was announced by the State Council to promote marine engineering equipment and high technology ships as one of the main ten development areas. With the “Made in China 2025” strategy China’s Intelligent Shipbuilding 1.0 is thus an important national research project. The research project includes the whole study about the design of intelligent shipbuilding and intelligent systems, construction of information platforms, manufacture of integrated efficacy of intelligent shipbuilding, development and operation of intelligent protection equipment, production of shore communication systems and bulk intelligent mammoth ore ships as well as bulk intelligent oil tankers.





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