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Chairman Xie Chunlin leads a delegation to Maritime Safety Administration
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On January 17, 2019, Mr Xie Chunlin, Director of China Merchants Shipping (CMS) and Chairman of CMES, led a delegation to the Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) of the PRC. Mr Xie Chunlin and his delegation had a meeting with Mr Cao Desheng, Director of MSA, and Mr Yang Xinzhai, Deputy Director of MSA, accompanied by Mr Zhang Baoliang, Deputy Director of CMS and Vice President of CMES.

Mr Xie Chunlin expressed gratitude to the MSA and regional MSA divisions for their long-standing support for China Merchants Shipping. He introduced recent developments of the CMS, and projects between CMS’s subordinate companies and regional MSAs. In particular, he highlighted the safety management and seafarer team building. With the support of MSA, he hoped that CMES would make further contributions to the implementation of national strategies and propel the development of the shipping industry. 

Mr Cao Desheng expressed a warm welcome on Mr Xie Chunlin and his delegation, and ascertained the efforts and contributions of CMES in advancing the development of the shipping industry. Mr Cao Desheng remarked that MSA would continue to support CMS and is committed to providing services to shipowners. He also stated that MSA would step up efforts in helping MSA tackle challenges whenever problems arise. 

They also discussed aspects that mattered to both parties, such as maritime law and regulations, team building of seafarers, and safety inspections of vessels.

MSA representatives included Mr Li Daze, Office Director, Mr He Xinyong, Director of the Political and Legal Division, Mr Sun Dabin, Director of the Seafarer Division, Mr Ning Bo, Deputy Director of the Ship Division, and Mr Zhang Chunchang, Deputy Director of the Danger Prevention Division. CMS representatives included Mr Wang Xiaodong, Director of CMS Seafarer Management Center, and Mr Li Zengzhong, General Manager of the Safety Supervision Department.

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