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Chairman Xie Chunlin leads a delegation to Water Transport Bureau
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On January 18, 2019, Mr Xie Chunlin, Director of China Merchants Shipping (CMS) and Chairman of CMES, led a delegation to the Water Transport Bureau (WTB), and met with Mr Li Tianbi, Safety Chief Inspector of Ministry of Transport and Director of WTB, and Mr Yi Jiyong, Deputy Director of WTB, accompanied by Mr Zhang Baoliang and Mr Xu Hui, Deputy Directors of CMS and Vice President of CMES.

Mr Xie Chunlin expressed gratitude towards WTB for its long-standing support and guidance and for the China Merchants Shipping. He introduced the integration, operation, management and development of the CMS, and highlighted areas where needed further support and coordination from WTB. Mr  Xie Chunlin remarked that CMS would further implement national strategies, promote a sustainable development of the shipping industry.

Mr Li Tianbi extended a warm welcome to Mr Xie Chunlin and his delegation, and ascertained the efforts and contributions of CMS in integrated development, operation management of CMS, as well as its implementing national strategies. Mr Li Tianbi said that WTB would continue to support the development of China Merchants Shipping and that WTB understands challenges the industry is facing. Looking forward, WTB will continue to provide support and services to propel the sustainable development of the shipping business. 

WTB representatives included Mr Guo Qingsong, Director of the Economic Operations Division, Mr Wu Qiong, Director of the Sea Lane Division, Mr Yan Fei, Deputy Director of the International Shipping Division, as well as MrWang Changnan, Director of the Domestic Shipping Division and Mr Shu Guangren, Deputy General Manager of Nanjing Tanker Corporation.

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