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Chairman Xie Chunlin leads a delegation to CNOOC Petrochemcial Import & Export Co., Ltd
Date:2019-01-21 Soure:CMES Click:

On January 19, 2019, Mr Xie Chunlin, Director of China Merchants Shipping (CMS) and Chairman of CMES, led a delegation to CNOOC Petrochemcial Import & Export Co., Ltd and met with Mr Liu Song, Chairman and President of CNOOC, Mr Yao Jun, Vice President of the company, accompanied by Mr Zhang Baoliang and Mr Xu Hui, Deputy Directors of CMS and Vice Presidents of CMES.

Mr Xie Chunlin expressed gratitude towards CNOOC for its long-standing support for China Merchants Shipping and reflected upon the two companies’ successful partnership over the years in crude oil shipment, marine oil of domestic trade, and LNG shipment. Mr Xie Chunlin introduced the integrated development of the shipping business of China Merchants Group with the view to establishing stronger ties with CNOOC on various levels and that the two companies could complement each other to explore further collaborations.

Mr Liu Song gave a warm welcome to Mr Xie Chunlin and his delegation, and fully acknowledged the robust development of China Merchants’ shipping business over the years. He spoke highly of CMES and Associated Maritime Company (Hong Kong) Limited (AMCL). Mr Liu Song introduced CNOOC’s role in energy transportation and related development strategies, in the bid to strengthen cooperation with CMES, AMCL and Nanjing Tanker Corporation (NJTC).

The two parties also held a ship model gifting ceremony. Mr Liu Song, on behalf of CNOOC, gave Mr Xie Chunlin a platform model of Ocean Oil 981 as a present.

Other attendees included Ms. Hou Liyan, Vice President of the Crude Oil Department of CNOOC, Mr. Wang Kui, Vice President of the Shipping and Executive Affairs Department of CNOOC, as well as Mr Shu Guangren, Vice President from NJTC.

Ocean Oil 981 Platform Model:

The Ocean Oil 981 Deepwater Semi-Submersible Oil Platform (“Ocean Oil 981”) is the first deepwater semi-submersible oil platform (the sixth generation) solely designed and built by China. The construction of the platform commenced on April 28, 2008. Exclusively invested and built by CNOOC, the platform integrates world-class design concepts and equipment. It is the first platform in the world whose design model is based on the rough conditions of the South China Sea, and is able to withstand Super Typhoons. Ocean Oil 981 uses DP3 dynamic positioning system, supports an anchor positioning within 1,500 meters of water depth, and is classified by CCS and ABS. The whole project was executed to cater to CNOOC’s needs and design concepts. CNOOC owns independent intellectual property rights of Ocean Oil 981. The completion of the platform marked China’s newly-developed independent R&D capabilities and international competitiveness in the field of marine engineering equipment.

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