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Chairman Xie Chunlin visits Sinopec
Date:2019-10-29 Soure:CMES Click:

Mr Xie Chunlin, Chairman of CMES, held a talk with Mr Xie Zhenglin, the Director of Capital Operation Department and the Vice President of CMES, and Mr Chen Gang, the Vice Chairman of China International United Petroleum & Chemicals Co., Ltd. (UNIPEC) who is responsible for administrative work, and Mr Zhong Fuliang during his visit to Sinopec on 29th Oct 2019.


During the talk, introduction on the latest development of the CMES was delivered and Mr Xie expressed his gratitude towards Sinopec’s support to the Company. He also stressed on the Company’s ambitions on deepening strategic cooperation in the petroleum sector with Sinopec who is the second largest shareholder of the Company, and UNIPEC to build a fleet with world-class management in contributing to China’s energy transportation industry. Both parties have then exchanged views on the oil transportation market situation, the implementation of environmental protection policies such as low-sulfur oil, as well as plans on strengthening business and cooperation.


Mr Gao Weiguo, the Director of Capital and Operation Department of Sinopec, Ge Hanhua, the Human Resource Manager of UNIPEC, Mr Xu Ning, the Manager of Logistics Operation Management Center, Mr Zhu Jian, the Deputy General Manager, Mr Qu Bo, the Deputy Director of the Office, Mr Yan Wushan, Vice President of CMES and Ms Le Yuan, the Deputy General Manager of the Administrative Department also attended the meeting.







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