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CMES’ “New Paradise” and “New Enterprise” rescued 63 distressed crew members
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On 3 December 2019, CMES’ VLCCs “New Paradise” and “New Enterprise” rescued 52 and 11 distressed crew members respectively in the northern Indian Ocean.


At 17:32, 3 December local time, when the VLCC “New Paradise” of AMCL (affiliated to CMES) was sailing from Singapore to Ras Tanura Port of Saudi Arabia, its bridge received a distress call from the Indian Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) at Station INMARSAT-C that read about 650 crew members in 50 fishing boats at 13°55′N 70°44′E off Indian Western Coast were in danger due to severe weather and needed urgent rescue.


The captain of “New Enterprise” immediately contacted the Indian MRCC and organised and carried out the rescue, and reported to the company. As guided by the emergency group of AMCL, “New Enterprise” rescued 52 distressed Indian crew members from “ANBU MATHA”, “ICHTHUS ANBU” and “All Mighty God-1” and delivered them safely onto an Indian warship. “New Enterprise” has now resumed its voyage to the scheduled loading port. 


“New Enterprise”, another VLCC of CMES, received a distress call from “Azarel” from its high-frequency radio when it was on its way to Japan for unloading from the Middle East. The captain of “New Enterprise” carried out the rescue in coordination with the Indian Coast Guard and rescued 11 Indian crew members from a fishing boat, who were disembarked at Kawarti Island Laksha Deep as told by the Indian Coast Guard. “New Enterprise” has now resumed its voyage. 


CMES’ “New Paradise” and “New Enterprise” showed their righteousness, courage and great love by fearlessly carrying out the urgent rescues. The key to the success of the rescues lies in the smooth communication, timely action, clear instructions and proper operations of both crew members and port officers. The fearlessness of hardship and fatigue, excellent skills and teamwork spirit of all crew members during the rescues fully embodies the excellent training and selfless dedication of the CMES people. Though the sea may be pitiless, there is still lots of love in this world. CMES will continue to carry forward its fine tradition of maritime rescue and deliver its righteousness, courage and great love through the sea.







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