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Marine Rescue|China Merchants’ Vessel “Great Jin” Saves Indonesian Boat”
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31 Dec 2019 - China Merchants’ vessel Great Jin (大晋) saved a distressed boat in Indonesian waters and provided supplies to it. All the 8 people in the boat were safe. 
When Great Jin was shipping iron ore from Australia to China on 31 Dec afternoon, driver of the vessel found a boat asking for help at around 13 nautical miles west of Buru, Indonesia, and then they initiated rescue and reported to the company.   
The company took actions immediately upon receiving report from the captain and formulated emergency plans, including verifying the information of the distressed boat, reporting the incident to MRCC, Hong Kong, and guiding Great Jin to monitor and protect the boat while keeping safe distance.      
After the captain verified the distressed boat at a short distance, he stopped Great Jin and let the boat berthed beside it. He also found that it has used up its fuel and was running out of food and water. But the health condition of the people was still fine. He gave water and food to them and provided sufficient fuel. At around 19:00 Beijing time, the boat was departing to the island safely, and Great Jin resumed journey to its destination.        
The rescue only took a few hours, but crew members of Great Jin fully demonstrated the traditional selfless spirit of Chinese sailors. Sailors of the China Merchants Group ended 2019 with in mission of humanitarianism. Stepping into 2020, they will absolutely continue their mission with the same courage and dedication.    


A distressed boat asking for help


The boat berthed


Fresh water, food and fuel supplied to the boat


 The boat left safely and the people waved gratitude


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