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Mr Hu Jianhua Presents in Hong Kong Ming Wah Customer Appreciation Meeting
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8 Jan 2020 – the customer appreciation meeting of CMES (Hong Kong Ming Wah) was held in Ming Wah International Convention Centre, Shekou, Shenzhen. China Merchants Group President Hu Jianhua and Executive Vice President Wang Hong, CMES Chairman Xie Chunlin and President Wang Yongxin, Vale China President Sergio Espechit, China Shipowners’ Association Executive Vice President Zhang Shouguo, China Merchants Group Former Director and Vice President Zhou Qifang and Hong Kong Ming Wah Former General Manager Zhang Guangliang (张光良) were present. The meeting was hosted by CMES Vice President and Hong Kong Ming Wah General Manager Ding Lei.


Hu Jianhua delivered an enthusiastic speech. He indicated that over the last few years, CMES has been focusing on large clients while pursuing active and stable strategies. It has been restructuring and increasing efficiency in a creative and energetic way, and is now the second largest shipping company in the world. While leveraging on opportunities in development, Hong Kong Ming Wah has been combining industrial operations and financing. The company has developed the largest VLOC fleet in the world and aligned its shipping operations under the brand “Ming Wah”. He offered sincere congratulations to Hong Kong Ming Wah and CMES for their achievements over the last 40 years, and wish CMES to develop as a major shipping company in the world. 


In his speech, Mr Xie Chunlin indicated that the extraordinary development of Hong Kong Ming Wah over the last 40 years was a detailed reflection of CMES’s endeavor. 2020 marks the final year of the 13th Five-Year Plan as well as the first year upon the integration of the business of CMES. At the beginning of a new decade, CMES will continue to pursue its missions with the objective to further advance its business.


In the appreciation meeting, Zhang Shouguo expressed his best wishes to CMES and Hong Kong Ming Wah on behalf of China Shipowners’ Association, Vale China President Sergio delivered a speech and presented a gift. In addition, representative of former management Zhang Guangliang, staff representatives Zhang Shiwei and Li Cuihong also gave their speeches. 


During the dinner, Mr Wang Yongxin and the management of Ming Wah drank a toast. Staff of Hong Kong Ming Wah also performed pipa, jazz medley and chorus. 


170 customer representatives from shipping institutions, vessel and cargo owners, ship owners, ship builders and insurance brokers gathered together to share the joy of the event.   












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