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Fighting Against Epidemic丨CMES Urgently Buying Medical Protective Supplies for Hubei
Date:2020-01-29 Soure:CMES Click:


CMES has been deeply concerned on the outbreak of novel coronavirus and has collaborated with China Merchants Charitable Foundation to urgently buy medical protective supplies for Hubei.


Through its global business network and agents in Singapore and around the world, CMES Singapore urgently deployed its resources and proactively contacted related parties in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, Australia and United States for buying medical protective supplies, including protective clothing, goggles, masks, gloves and surgical caps. The SSL proactively searched for protective supplies together with overseas agents in different regions and purchased 10,000 3M N95 surgical masks from the United States.


The supplies purchased will be distributed to the Health Bureau of Qichun County and Huanggang, Hubei in the name of China Merchants Group through the “Overseas Donation” green channel opened by the General Administration of Customs for special periods.


With the outbreak of novel coronavirus, CMES will bravely take its social responsibilities and join with the communities to overcome every challenge. 



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