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A Letter from CMES to Customers
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12 Feb 2020

Dear Customers,
As the new year begins, China Merchants Energy Shipping Co., Ltd. (CMES) would like to express our sincere greetings and wish everyone a prosperous Year of the Rat filled with happiness and good health. With your constant and long-term support, we are expecting yet another fruitful and successful year to come.


It is a misfortune that the epidemic caused by the novel coronavirus has broken out at the beginning of this year. Up until now, the situation still remains serious. In the face of this novel coronavirus epidemic, we have made prompt and positive responses while taking various preventive measures to minimize the adverse impacts of the novel coronavirus epidemic. In particular, we are trying our very best to ensure the constant smooth operation of the business and continue to provide customers with professional and efficient services.


1 Ensuring Normal Operations

As a well-established global shipping enterprise, we are managing more than 250 vessels of various types and operating shipping routes in major countries and ports all over the world. With united efforts, we have overcome many challenges and difficulties to ensure the normal operation of our vessels. In order to deal with the risks associated with vessels calling at ports in China and the increased requirements for inspections and quarantines raised by other port states, we have proactively formulated response measures and tried our best to reduce the frequency of ship-to-shore contact in the hope of ensuring the health and safety of our crews. In the meantime, we have coordinated with port states to reduce the impact of inspections and quarantines on the vessels' schedules. In view of the objective difficulties of crew shifts, we have improved the stability of the crew by establishing the crew supply pool, adjusting the crew leave, and providing timely psychological counseling and guidance for our crews. In view of the serious shortage of workers in shipyards, we have cooperated closely with our sister companies of the China Merchants Group (CMG) to ensure that our vessels' dry-dock repairs are conducted in good order. In facing all kinds of difficulties in this novel coronavirus epidemic, we have taken practical measures and tried our best to mitigate the impacts on our customers while minimizing their loss. Above all else, we are determined to continue providing our customers with safe, efficient, and reliable services with professionalism and the highest standards possible.


2 Adopting Flexible Measures

In view of the further spread of the novel coronavirus epidemic and the definition of the World Health Organization (WHO) on 31 January 2020 that described this novel coronavirus epidemic as a "public health emergency of international concern", both domestic and foreign ports have imposed more stringent restrictions on the entry and exit inspections and quarantines. Meanwhile, some of our oil tankers and bulkers are faced with constraints in their respective SIRE inspections by oil majors and right-ship inspections. We apologize for all the inconvenience caused and shall be grateful for your understanding. In the meantime, we have also communicated with the Ministry of Transport of the PRC, China Shipowners Association, Hong Kong Shipowners Association and other relevant government institutions and organizations in the hope of introducing some alternative or flexible measures to circumvent the impacts and inconvenience caused by the novel coronavirus epidemic.


3 Safeguarding Our Staff's Health

In order to protect the health and safety of our employees onboard and onshore, we have promptly adopted a series of preventive measures. Apart from establishing a special working mechanism and appointing specific personnel to take charge, we have also promoted and applied various preventative measures, carried out centralized purchase for anti-epidemic materials, closely monitored the situation of our employees, and strictly controlled business travels. According to the requirements of the relevant local government departments and in consideration of the health and safety of our staff, we have adopted multiple methods of telecommuting to ensure that our employees can work from home and stand fast to their respective positions. As of now, no confirmed or suspected NCP cases have been found among the thousands of employees in our company.


4 Donating Resources to Hubei

As the backbone of China's state-owned enterprise, CMG has been undertaking its mission and responsibility since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus epidemic. On January 25, the China Merchants Bank and China Merchants Securities donated RMB 200 million and 6 million respectively to Wuhan. Meanwhile, the CMES has utilized its extensive network during the Chinese New Year holiday and purchased 24 sets of personal protective equipment, 600 medical goggles, over 210 thousand pieces of surgical masks of various types and more than 10 thousand pairs of medical gloves for supporting people of Hubei in fighting against the novel coronavirus epidemic.

Although we are not able to communicate face to face with our valued customers for the time being because of the novel coronavirus epidemic, we shall stay in touch with each customer in a variety of ways and continue to provide our best services possible. Should there be any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.
The year of 2020 is indeed destined to be a year of great significance. We believe that through closely working together, we shall sweep away all obstacles and overcome the challenges with ease. Let us join hands to tide over the difficulties and embrace a brighter and better tomorrow!
Once again, may I wish you all a healthy and prosperous year ahead!
China Merchants Energy Shipping Co., Ltd.


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