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A Letter to All Employees
Date:2020-02-05 Soure:CMES Click:

Dear Employees,

During this unusual Chinese New Year, the sudden arrival of the pneumonia epidemic due to a novel coronavirus infection has brought disruption to our daily lives and usual order and posed a threat to the lives of ordinary people. Yet among our employees, some are standing fast or canceled their vacations to return to work in advance to animate epidemic prevention and disease control work; some returned to their hometown, to act cooperatively for epidemic prevention and control by urging relatives and friends to avoid gatherings; some employees from Hubei and their family members even acting in full cooperation and selfless dedication under the guidance of the local government... Your efforts and contribution to work and your responsibility and undertakings in society during these days are heart-warming and encouraging!

It is touching to see that despite our dispersion, we are firmly united to ensure the infallibility in epidemic prevention and control on one hand, and production and operation on the other hand. On 26 January (the second day of the Chinese New Year), the Company urgently set up an emergency team of epidemic prevention and control. All departments and companies are mobilized to establish relevant operation mechanisms and assign persons in charge. Epidemic control measures are widely promoted and implemented to ensure the safety and stability of production work. Close attention is also paid to the conditions of employees. Up till now, no employee has been diagnosed or suspected of contraction – we sincerely hope that this good news shall last until the day when the epidemic is under effective control.
We are pleased to find that China Merchants fellows around the world have been engaging in the ‘epidemic’ fight as leaders; they battle against the epidemic with sincerity and warmth, as well as persistence and action. Many of them are making personal sacrifices for the greater good, or sharing their love by working overtime to collect domestic and overseas medical supplies for front-line support, or voluntarily reporting their travel history and willingly receiving 14-day isolation under medical observation, or taking the initiative of homeworking to wait till the storm passes... There are also family members of employees who struggle on the most dangerous front lines. Everyone is working hand in hand to stop the spread of the virus with hard work and love.

After one and a half century, China Merchants ‘rises with the nation and advances with the times’; China Merchants fellows inherit the century-old mission, carry forward and live the ‘Hailiao spirit’ of patriotism, endeavors and pioneering work. We are convinced that under the leadership of Xi Jinping, as well as the undeviating execution of CMG’s unified policies and deployment, we will definitely survive the battle of epidemic prevention and control. With solidarity among people, victory shall come upon us!

No winter is invincible, and no spring will resist coming. Let us work together to protect our homeland and embrace a better tomorrow!


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