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Mr Li Jianhong inspects CMES’ Anti-Epidemic Measures and Resumption of Work
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17 February 2020 – China Merchants Group Chairman Li Jianhong inspected the anti-epidemic measures and resumption of work of CMES. The Executive Vice President of CMG, Wang Hong joined the investigation together with the Director of the office of CMG Qian Yibing and the Deputy Director of the Office of CMG Liu Zhenhua, Chairman of CMES Xie Chunlin and President of CMES Wang Yongxin.


In the CMES Hong Kong headquarter, Mr Li Jianhong had a symposium with the CMES leaders to learn details about the CMES’s efforts on employee health and safety, anti-epidemic measures and resumption of work. Mr Xie Chunlin reported that: anti-epidemic measures were carried out in an orderly fashion, and there was no confirmed infection case among on-shore and off-shore employees; the company had been striving to ensure sufficient placement of anti-epidemic resources through global purchasing; despite the business impact due to the epidemic situation, the company had made timely adjustments in accordance with market changes to seize opportunities for best results.


Li Jianhong reviewed the global operations of CMES through its Operation & Management Visualization Platform afterward, including operation and safety management on several hundred of ocean and coastal vessels. Through the platform, Mr Li Jianhong had connected with the captains of two vessels, including the New Vision, and thoroughly inquired about the vessel schedule, crew members and their health, stock of anti-epidemic resources, vessel safety and other matters of concern. Li Jianhong sent his regards to the entire crew and their families, also reminded them to prepare against any possible epidemic infection, pirate attacks and other vessel safety issues. Particularly he also requested that New Vision live up to the spirit of Hailiao and push forward the work to build a New Vision vessel benchmark.


Li Jianhong had also come to Hong Kong Ming Wah Shipping Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of CMES, to console the employees, to realize the company development, stock of anti-epidemic resources and other aspects. 





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