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Chairman Xie Chunlin inspects and supervises CMES and its subsidiaries on epidemic prevention
Date:2020-02-21 Soure:CMES Click:

21 February 2020 - Mr Xie Chunlin, Chairman of CMES, inspected the company's headquarters and its subsidiaries, AMCL and HKMW, on their epidemic prevention. Mr Cao Hong, Chairman of CMES Supervisory Board, and Mr Ding Lei, Vice President of CMES, accompanied Mr Xie to the inspection.


Mr Xie went through the specific measures taken by CMES headquarters and its subsidiaries on preventing epidemic diseases, their procurement reserve and use of medical supplies, the frequency of office disinfection, and the cleanliness of central air-conditioning. In order to protect the health and well-being of each employee back to work, he demanded a standard procedure in measuring and recording body temperature for all employees at work and every visitor. He also asked for regular disinfection on high-risk parts, such as door knobs and elevator buttons. At the same time, Mr Xie reminded the companies to ensure computer data security for employees working from home, and supervised everyone to follow the routine of temperature measurement and records for reference.


During the inspection, Mr Xie had a cordial conversation with local and foreign employees to consolidate their confidence in epidemic prevention. He reminded them to maintain strict personal hygiene and encouraged them to work hard, in order to defend the "three frontlines", namely epidemic control and prevention, resumption of work and production, and annual performance target.




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