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Epidemic prevention and return to work丨How does CMRORO achieve "zero infection"?
Date:2020-03-16 Soure:CMES Click:

Among the 412 crew members of CMRORO under China Merchants Energy Shipping (CMES), 213 of them originate from Hubei, while 90 of the 154 shore-based management staff of its Wuhan branch are so. In addition, factors such as the increased mobility during the Chinese New Year have brought huge challenges to CMRORO with regards to epidemic prevention and control.


As a result of collective efforts, as of March 16, CMRORO had achieved zero infection in its epidemic control, as the three close contact cases of its Wuhan employees are all released from quarantine under medical observation as negative cases on 24 February.


Being highly vigilant to the epidemic situation, CMRORO deploys and implements prompt actions. With early measures and adequate preparation on seizing epidemic supplies, “stable supplies” are ensured for the “epidemic battle”. By highlighting the focus and specifying the policies, the prevention and control are conducted in strata and zones. It also focuses on strengthening management and protection of the Wuhan branch, while insisting on the prevention work for the units in non-Hubei regions. Digital technology is adopted to help the three major battles; the timely publication of information and effective campaign and guidance are resulted. Love is transmitted by reinforcing humanistic care for employees.

It is not an easy task for CMRORO to achieve a record of zero infection against the epidemic. Such "zero" bears the persistence and responsibility of CMRORO.

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